The 2024 UEFA European Championship is not just played on the pitch. There are also economic and financial interests that give firepower to a million-dollar sponsorship contract industry.

In this particular case, Nike and Adidas play in a separate league. The two sports equipment manufacturers “dress” the main teams participating in UEFA Euro 2024 with contracts that earn football associations millions of euros.

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The French and German teams lead the ranking of the most valuable contracts: they are worth €50 million from Nike and Adidas, respectively, according to Morningstar DBRS.

Nike pays €40 million to the England team, which occupies third place on the list, ahead of Italy, whose contract with Adidas pays the tiffosi around €35 ​​million.

There is a huge gap from here down, as the list shows. The deal between the Spanish team and Adidas yields €18 million for the Spanish team, while the Dutch team gets €13 million from the American manufacturer.

In turn, Nike pays €7.5 million to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese team.

Until the end of the list, the teams from Belgium (Adidas/3.5 million), Poland (Nike/€3 million) and Croatia (Nike/€2 million) appear.

Top 10 Most Valuable Kit Sponsorships Euro 2024

1. France (Nike) €50 million
1. Germany (Adidas) €50 million
3. England (Nike) €40 million
4. Italy (Adidas) €35 million
5. Spain (Adidas) €18 million
6. Netherlands (Nike) €13 million
7. Portugal (Nike) €7.5 million
8. Belgium (Adidas) €3.5 million
9. Poland (Nike) €3 million
10. Croatia (Nike) €2 million