The quality of a football manager is measured by the work on the pitch. The more victories and titles he gets, the more successful he is. Theoretically, this also has a huge impact on the valorization of players. In the end of the day, a top manager also means top transfers and money going into the club’s coffers.

Here is Top 10 Managers with Highest Transfer Income between 2000 and 2021, according to the count of the specialized website Transfermarkt.

Diego Simeone is already one of the great managers in the Atletico Madrid’s history: the Argentinian manager has achieved several titles in the last decade, including the LaLiga championship, and also two-times finalista of the UEFA Champions League.

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Everyone recognizes his ability to bring out the best of the players, causing an immediate impact on their appreciation. This makes Simeonae the manager with highest transfer income: €1 billion with 83 players solf under his management. Who are they? Antoine Griezmann was the last big sale when Barcelona bought the French striker’s for €120 million, for instance.

Two Portuguese on the podium

Who doesn’t remember Leonardo Jardim‘s fantastic year in Monaco in 2017? The French team was this close to qualify for the Champions League final in that season, with a group of stars: Mbappé, Bernardo Silva… This helps to explain why the Portuguese manager ranks second in this ranking, with a turnover of €963 million from the sale of 63 players.

Behind Jardim is José Mourinho. The Special on has a long and successful career and no one doubts that he is one of the best coaches in football history. The Portuguese won Champions League titles with FC Porto and Inter Milan, he also had successful spells with Chelsea and Real Madrid, while the last few years were less successful. Even so, Mourinha had already pocketed €773 million by transferring 94 players.

Ancelotti, Guardiola, Wenger…

Next, in fourth and fifth places in this ranking are two other Italian coaches with careers that speak for themselves. Carlo Ancelotti has a turnover of €760 million, after successful journeys in the biggest European clubs, including Real Madrid, Milan, Juventus, Chelsea, etc. He is in fourth place, ahead of compatriot Massimiliano Allegri, who earned €724 million.

The second half of the ranking is also filled with great coaches who made history in the European football in the last decades. Jorge Jesus is sixth. His career has been mainly linked to Benfica in the last decade, and that connection has been fruitful for both sides: with 121 sales, the Portuguese coach has already given €722 million in deals. Don’t forget that Jesus career also includes Sporting and Flamengo.

Jesus is ahead of big names like Rafael Benítez (€664 million/100 players) and Ronald Koeman (€658 million/63 players). In the last positions of the ranking are two great names in the football history: Catalan Pep Guardiola, who has already promoted transfers that have generated €642 million in revenues to clubs he has served (Barcelona, ​​Bayern and now Manchester City) and Frenchman Arsène Wenger (former Arsenal manager who is already retired), with sales of €628 million.

Top 10 Managers with Highest Transfer Income

  1. Diego Simeone – €1 billion (83 players)
  2. Leonardo Jardim – €963 million (63 players)
  3. José Mourinho – €773 million (94 players)
  4. Carlo Ancelotti – €760 million (99 players)
  5. Massimiliano Allegri – €724 million (113 players)
  6. Jorge Jesus – €722 million (121 players)
  7. Rafael Benítez – €664 million (100 players)
  8. Ronald Koeman – €658 million (63 players)
  9. Pep Guardiola – €642 million (74 players)
  10. Arsène Wenger – €628 million (94 players)