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Every brand wants to be associated to the most famous persons in world in order to get public exposure. No one is surprise to see the biggest brands investing millions and millions to endorse actors, singers or athletes.

In the sports industry, giant sportswear manufacturer Nike spends millions with millionaire contracts with the biggest stars in NBA, football, golf and on…

This is the Top 5 Nike Athlete Endorsements. Former NBA player Michael Jordan holds the most valuable deal: $100 million. In the other hand, with this contract, Nike is allowed to explore Jordan brand, namely through the brand AirJordan, producing snickers, NBA jerseys and all kind of sports goods.

The Top 5 has another two NBA players, a football player and a golf player.

Nike’s endorsements with LeBron James (NBA), Kevin Durant (NBA) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) are valued at $30 million each. This means that Jordan brand incorporates more value to the market than the brands James, Durant and Ronaldo together.

In the last position of the ranking, which includes figures collected by audit firm KPMG, is the golf star Tiger Woods. The contract with the best golf player of all times is valued at $19 million.

Top 5 Nike Athlete Endorsements

1. Michael Jordan (former NBA player ) $100 million
2. LeBron James (NBA player/LA Lakers) $30 million
2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football player/Juventus) $30 million
2. Kevin Durant (NBA player/Brooklyn Nets) $30 million
3. Tiger Woods (Golf player) $19 million