Each Football club tries to monetize their assets in a way to get more money to invest in the team. The traditional ways to do it is by selling television rights or through kit sponsor deals. However, there are several other options. For instance, a club can sell the naming rights of the stadium.

For historical clubs with iconic stadia, this is not an option that every fan would love. There’s strings attached. However, nowadays, in order to compete with other clubs, money is always welcome even if you have to sell some of the “spirit and soul” of the club for commercial purposes.

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Here are the 5 biggest deals in terms of stadia naming rights in the European football, according to consultant firm KPMG.

Manchester City has the biggest one as citizens receive more than €17 million per year from air company Etihad Airways. The deal expires next year but one should expect an extension of the contract because Etihad Airways is from Abu Dhabi like the owners of the citizens.

In the second place is Atletico Madrid and its naming rights deal with Chinese Wanda Group, who is also a shareholder of the Spanish Club. Atletico gets €9.6 million per year from the Chinese group.

In the top 5 you will find two Turkish clubs: Fenerbahçe and Besiktas.

Fenerbahçe receives €8 million per year from food group Ulker; British telecom Vodafone pays almost €7 million annually to Besiktas to give its name to Vodafone Arena.

Insurance company Allianz gives his name to Bayern München’s Allianz Arena in a deal valued at €7.3 million per year.

Top 5 Stadia Naming Rights in European Football

1. Manchester City – Etihad Airways: €17.1 million (2011-2021)

2. Atletico Madrid – Wanda Group: €9.6 million (2016-2022)

3. Fenerbahçe – Ulker: €8 million (2015-2025)

4. Bayern München – Allianz: €7.3 million (2014-2031)

5. Besiktas – Vodafone: €6.9 million (2014-2029)