The Champions League is the main club competition in Europe, as the major players and clubs in the world are used to participate but also because of the prize money it offers.

This edition anticipates a prize money of almost €2 billion, including the money that the clubs will get from the pool market. But where UEFA gets all the money? Media Rights are the main source of revenues. There is a good money that UEFA gets from sponsorship deals.

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Regarding the main sponsors, UEFA has deals with 8 companies that grant €370 million. Who are they?

Gazprom (energy), Santander (Bank and Finance), Heineken (Alcoholic Beverage), Sony (IT), PepsiCo (Food and Beverage), Nissan (Car maker), Expedia (Tourism) e MasterCard (Bank and Finance) are the main comercial partners of UEFA in the biggest competition of Europe.

With the association to the European football, all these brands want visibility by exposing themselves in a industry that knows how to monetize the emotional connection with the fans. There is a big plus: the Champions League is a world wide competition.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of challenges to all economic sectors, and the football industry is not an exception.