Top athletes are not superb only in their job. They are also superstars, celebtraties like Hollywood actors or leaders of a charismatic band. They attract attention from millions of fans around the globe, including in their social networks. For brands, this means a brilliant spot to another level of engagement with consumers.

This is the Top 20 Instagram Rich List in Sports 2020, based on data from that collects information about financial perfomance from famous people in the world, as actors, singers, sports athletes, models, etc.

With almost 225 million followers, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo leads this ranking. Juventus forward receive $889.000 per post on Instagram. Nobody in the world of sport is better than him.


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In the second place of list is Neymar. The Brazilian player has 139 million followers on Instagram and collects more than $700.000 per post on his social media.

Completing the Top-3 is another Football player: Lionel Messi. The Argentinian star has more fans than Neymar (155k) and receives $695.000 per post on Instagram.

Football on top

Altough David Beckham is no longer in active, he is still on the top when it comes to public exposure. The British gets $339.000 per post on Instagram, where he has 63 million followers. Beckham is on the 4th place in the ranking.

So, you have 4 Football players on the top of the list. And only in the 5th place one can find an athlete from other sport: LeBron James. He is the star from NBA. With 66,7 million followers, LeBron James get $307.000 per post on Instagram.

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli appears in the 6th place, receiving $296.000 per post.

Closing the top-10 are another 3 footballers: Ronaldinho ($238.000), Gareth Bale ($200.000), Ibrahimovic ($200.000) and Salah ($180.000).

Top 20 Instagram Rich List in Sports 2020

# NAME (Sport) Cost per Post
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football) $889.000
2. Neymar (Football) $704.000
3. Messi (Football) $695.000
4. David Beckham (Former Footballer) $339.000
5. LeBron James (Basketball) $307.000
6. Virat Kohli (Cricket) $296.000
7. Ronaldinho (Football) $238.000
8. Gareth Bale (Football) $200.000
9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Football) $200.000
10. Mohamed Salah (Football) $180.000
11. Luis Suarez (Football) $170.000
12. Conor Mcgregor (UFC) $170.000
13. Stephen Curry (Basketball) $142.000
14. Floyd Mayweather (Boxer) $108.800
15. Sergio Aguero (Football) $63.500
16. Ronda Rousey (Former MMA Fighter) $60.300
17. Serena William (Tennis) $57.300
18. Kevin de Bruyne (Football) $51.600
19. Simone Biles (Olympic Gymnast) $17.800
20. Kelly Slater (Surf) $12.500