The sporting industry is bigger than most of us could even imagine, generating billions each year, but the industry would be nothing without the big names that grace fans with their skill every game, match or race. There are endless dedicated sportsmen and women around the world, but we all know that there are some that simply shine brighter than the rest and are household names whether you are an avid follower of sports or even if you’re not. So let’s take a look at the biggest names in sports.

Cristiano Ronaldo

No matter how many famous faces grace the sporting industry, it is undisputed that Cristiano Ronaldo is at the top of them all, with his name in just about everywhere, from magazines to football tips for betting. There have been many heated debates between fans as to which football player is the most talented of them all, this often is due to the rivalry of Ronaldo and his on-pitch nemesis Lionel Messi, but when it comes to fame there are no arguments.

Ronaldo is not only the most famous athlete in the world but also one of the most well know people, evident by the fact that he is the most followed used on Instagram with over 128 million followers. Ronaldo fame stems from the amazing football skills he has shown the world, also earning him many accolades in the sport for both club and county, as well as setting countless records.

LeBron James

Four-time NBA MVP, LeBron James is yet another phenomenal sportsman to gain great success for his skill. LeBron’s skills know no bounds and yet his flaws are nonexistent and his fame has been on the back of the raw talent he has, brands like Nike have had a long relationship with the player and so have also had a part in building up the status he has across the globe today.

Despite his size and stature helping him to be such an effective player, many say that it is his smarts and knowledge of the game that makes him so powerful on the court, knowing every offensive and defensive set there is and use his brain to exploit any weakness of his opponents.

Serena Williams

Being one of the only females to make it onto the lists for being one of the most famous and also one of the highest-paid athletes is a true achievement and is none other than Serena Williams. Serena talent and strength in the game of tennis has led her to become one of the most successful players in the world, her achievements being only more recognised and admired by fans due to the struggles she had to surpass on her way to the top spot he so proudly sits at today. Not only does Serena face discrimination for hr gender, but also for her race and so her journey to fame was not an easy one but she has managed to show, everyone, that she will not be brought down and has shown the world her worth in the sport.