Human beings are extremely competitive creatures. We just can’t help, for the most part, wanting to win at, and sometimes that means wanting to win at all costs. Most of us will try our hardest, play to win, and then either celebrate or commiserate depending on the outcome. Others, however, will take things just a little too far and decide that cheating is how they are going to deal with things.

When it comes to casinos, many think they can play the system and come away with a nice, fat jackpot by cheating their way to the prize. This is not really the case. Cheating a casino is a difficult task to say the least, and often involves a lot more effort than just playing the game ever would. However, there are some ways to talk about casino cheats that work that might surprise you. Read on to find out more. 

Cheats To Avoid 

In the unscrupulous past, there were even more ways that people would try to cheat the casino, and these methods should be avoided at all costs because they either don’t work or they are so well known that they will be spotted a mile off. 

One such cheat is the old coin on a string method. It is so simple yet so effective that it was used to many years, and fairly successfully too. Cheats would drill a hole through the centre of a coin and attach it to a piece of string or elastic. The machine’s input sensor would think it was being fed money, but the cheater would yank the coin out again. 

Another idea was to bring a powerful magnet into the casino and use that to influence the reels on a slot machine to stop when the player wanted them too. 

Needless to say, soon enough casino bosses realised what was happening and made the slots much harder to cheat – they were magnet proofed and the input mechanism changed so that money could not be pulled back out again. 

Card Counting 

If you’re looking for a way to cheat in a casino, you’re looking at a lot of hard work. There are no ‘easy’ cheats, and you’re much better off just learning how the games work and playing well. However, when playing blackjack card counting could be used to try to predict the dealer’s hand. Card counting, despite what you might have heard, is not technically illegal. There is nothing to stop someone sitting and counting the cards as they are dealt. It is, though, something that casinos frown upon, and if you are caught you will be asked to leave. 

Card counting works on the idea that, since the game can only use a finite number of cards, you can guess with varying degrees of accuracy what is still in the deck if you know what has already been  dealt. Assign numbers (-1 to low values, 0 to middle values, +1 to high values) and once you reach a certain number you’ll know whether there is a good chance or not of getting the cards you want. 


The bonuses offered by both online and land based casinos are not cheating, as such. After all, the casino is giving them to you, so there must be something in it for them. And since it is so hard to cheat a casino, any advantage is going to be helpful. Being given ‘free money’ or extra spins will give you a greater chance of securing that win you’re looking for, and although it’s not cheating it may well feel like it is!