If you take a casino novice on their first proper gambling session we would be willing to bet good money that the first thing they would be drawn to would be the Roulette wheel. And there should be no surprise there either, what else in a 666casino Norway has the power to draw your eye like the spinning wheel of fun that is Roulette? Nothing. 

Another great thing about Roulette, especially in relation to beginners, is that it is incredibly simple to pick up – as long as you know how placing the various different bets work of course. Other than this there is not much else to it apart from hoping that the ball lands on the correct value to win you that jackpot. However, once you get into more advanced territory Roulette can get a bit more complicated, for instance with the various betting strategies associated with it. In this article we are going to explore the excitingly named James Bond Roulette strategy, standby for a lowdown on how 007 does things… 

A Basic Overview 

Now, unlike some other Roulette betting strategies the so-called James Bond tactic is actually fairly simple. The one thing you will want to consider, however, is the fact that you will need quite a high budget to actually follow this strategy. But anyway, you probably could have gathered this from the James Bond allusion… since when has he been someone to skimp out? 

The James Bond Roulette strategy works like this – first you need to make sure you have at least £200 in your betting budget, and then you need to place £140 on numbers between 19-36, £50 on 13-18, and £10 on zero as an insurance. This spread of bets means that you are covered from a loss in most instances, however the outlay is quite large so it isn’t always the best method. Regardless, if you have a budget that rivals 007 himself you may as well give it a go, right? 

Positives Of The James Bond Roulette Strategy

The main positive of the James Bond Roulette strategy is, as we mentioned, the fact that it covers quite a lot of ground on the Roulette betting table, therefore minimizing any potential losses you might make. Moreover, any wins made using the James Bond strategy have the potential to be huge, and you may find yourself with a massive jackpot quite quickly. 

Another good thing about this tactic is it just sounds cool to passersby. It is about the closest you can get to being 007 himself…  

Negatives Of The James Bond Roulette Strategy 

Whilst there are plenty of positive aspects to the James Bond Roulette strategy, there are also quite a few negatives to consider too. The first one is that you need a huge budget to make the strategy work, something that just isn’t viable for lots of casino gambles. Moreover, losses can be pretty crippling with this tactic if you are unlucky, and it therefore isn’t particularly sustainable.