UEFA will distribute a lot of money to the teams participating in the final tournament of UEFA Euro 2020. The 24 national teams will share a total of €371 million compared with the €301 million distributed at UEFA Euro 2016 in France, an increase of €70 million. It’s a record prize money.

Altought the tournament was postponed to 2021, due to coronavirus spread in the world, particularly in Europe, the prize money is still very atractive for national football federations.

Besides that, one can see the evolution of prize money between UEFA Euro 2000 and next competition: its a €262 million increase (or a 240% rise) compared to the first European championship of this century.

UEFA Euro Prize Money 2000-2020

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Champions could win €34 million

These are the details of money distribution approved for UEFA Euro 2020:

  • All 24 teams will receive a participating fee of €9.25m.
  • During the group phase there are also performance bonuses of €1.5 million for a win and €750,000 for a draw.
  • Once UEFA EURO 2020 enters its knockout phase, there are no more performance bonuses. Instead, the teams participating in the round of 16 will receive €2 million, the eight quarter-finalists will receive an additional payment of €3.25 million. The financial reward for reaching the semi-finals is an extra payment of €5 million.
  • Regarding the final at Wembley in London, the 2020 European champions will receive €10m while there will be a reward of €7 million for the runners-up.

UEFA Euro 2020 prize money

This means that, if the champions have also won all three of their group matches, the total prize money they earn will amount to €34 million, compared with a maximum of €27 million in 2016.

Portugal will be defending the European title. Portuguese national team had collected €25.5 million in last tournament.