Slots machines have come an extraordinarily long way since their emergence at the tail end of the 19th Century, becoming almost unrecognisable from their original form. Once only the province of a few bars and early US casinos, you can now find these delightful little gambling games all around the world and, of course, the Internet. 

There are now millions of players who simply cannot wait to gamble their fortunes away spinning the reels of their favourite online slots at, something that has been greatly influenced by the remarkable extent of technological progress in the industry. Developers now have the ability to pack their titles full of exciting bonus features, and one of the best ones is the sticky bonus slot feature. Let’s take a look… 

The History 

So, if you want to look into the pre-history of slot sticky bonuses you will immediately encounter quite a large problem – before the age of video slots they simply could not exist. The reason why? Well, it is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to recreate the way sticky bonuses work on a purely mechanical reel mechanism, and for this reason they weren’t really a thing before the 1980s. 

Once video slots began making a name for themselves in Las Vegas casinos this all changed, however, as developers relished the added flexibility they had to make their games more exciting. 

Online Slots & The Sticky Bonus Trend 

Although sticky bonuses could be found on some classic video slots before this, it was the rise of online slots that made it into a particularly popular feature. It did not take long for developers such as NetEnt or Microgaming to realise the alluring potential of this kind of bonus, and they wasted no time in incorporating it into their games. 

More often than not a sticky bonus works in relation to wild symbols, and means that these icons will stay in place after a winning spin, therefore setting you up for another potential win. You can see why this bonus excites so many people! 

Sticky Bonuses Today 

As with, it seems, everything in the online slot industry, sticky bonuses didn’t just standstill after they were first introduced, in fact they are always evolving. Nowadays things like sticky wilds are commonplace in online slots, and they have naturally become even better. Developers are constantly thinking up new ways to make these bonuses as lucrative and exciting as possible – any avid slot gambler will tell you that they have definitely succeeded. 

Best Games With Sticky Bonuses 

All this talk about sticky bonuses will have you wanting to play some examples in the online slot world. We cannot blame you either, because, aside from things like progressive jackpots, sticky wilds can result in the biggest wins possible. Here are a few of our favourite online slot titles that incorporate sticky bonuses into their gameplay: 

  •   The Great Albini
  •   The Codfather
  •   Rainbow Riches: Pots Of Gold 
  •   Girls With Guns II: Frozen Dawn