Not always after the end of the career, players can hold their life financially. The last world case in the world of football was that of Emmanuel Eboué, who took on financial and family difficulties.

In an article, compiled a list of 11 players who already lost everything they had won while they were professional football players.

George Best

NorthIrish footballer who has devoted himself to Manchester United. Won the gold ball, from France Football in 1968, after winning the Champions League, serving the English club and facing SL Benfica.

Best‘s misery is the most famous in the history of sport. Alcohol was the major engine of the legendary British‘s personal downfall. Not only did he spend fortunes as he ended up with serious health problems Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Vítor Batista

Portuguese footballer. He began his career in Vitória de Setúbal, where he won a Portuguese cup. In the most expensive transfer of the time was for SL Benfica. In the curriculum has five championships and a cup of Portugal by the incared.

Often compared to George Best by the eccentric profile that joined the football genius , Portuguese ended in poverty: without money and working in a cemetery, after having spread magic through the National Lawns Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

David James

English footballer and consecrated in Liverpool in 1995. The Guardian went through several English clubs and was present in the selection in the world of 2002, 2006 and 2010, as well as in the Euro 2004.

Billed and well as a player, before engaging in business they also quite profitable. Despite that, it came to be close to financial zero. A litigious and costly divorce has been the source of Everything Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

John Arne Riise

Norwegian player and went through clubs such as Liverpool, Rome, Monaco, Fulham and many others. Won a French championship, the Champions League, two European supercups, etc. It was, in 2006, considered the best player of the Norwegian year.

Known for the cannon kick, the Norwegian side accumulated debts that his income could not afford. Still as Liverpool‘s player, the court declared him bankrupt Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Christian Vieri

Italian player who starred in Atalanta, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Inter, A.C. Milan, Monaco and many others. He was the best Italian player in 1999 and 2002 and also won the Pichichi of 1997/98 and the Guerin d’oro 2002.

Between parties, women and ruinous business, the Italian press reported the reasons for the bankruptcy of the Italian Advanced History Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (


Manuel Santos is his name, but he became known as Mane Garrincha. Brazilian player who excelled at his dribbling. He represented Botafogo, Corinthians and Flamengo, scoring more than 270 goals. It was Golden Ball at the 1962 World Cup.

He came to recognize 14 children, of women and lovers. The spending on women and parties were only the tip of the iceberg for the legendary Brazilian, who also went through major health problems, in large part alcohol Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Jorge Cadete

Portuguese player who went through Sporting CP, SL Benfica, Celtic, Celta de Vigo and others. He also made 33 games for the national team.

The Portuguese international has never been ashamed to assume the financial difficulties it has gone through. He bet on several jobs, already after the end of his career, and more recently, he advanced the bet in Studies (sports Training) Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Paul Gascoigne

MediumOffensive English that represented its selection for 57 times. He went through clubs like Rangers, Newcastle, Everton and Tottenham. As a coach, he passed the Algarve United.

Crazy and talented. Few will define Gascoigne in a different way. Between the bad temper, the drugs and the alcohol, the English star declared bankruptcy in 2008 and was close to it in 2011 Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Brad Friedel

North American goalkeeper. He worked at Galatasaray, Liverpool, Aston Villa and retired from Tottenham. It represented 82 times its selection.

What won in football lost... In football. According to information released by the press, in 2011, the bankruptcy of the American goalkeeper was due to the failure of a football academy created by him Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Keith Gallespie

North Irish footballer, where he represented 86 times the selection. Along with Giggs, Beckham, Scholes and Neville won the FA Youth Cup in 1992 and was promoted to Manchester United‘s main team. Then he went through Newcastle, Leicester, Wigan and many other English clubs.

How Not to be a millionaire in football. This is the title of the autobiography of British former player. There will be little more to explain, in addition to saying that most of the Gallespie losses were in the game Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (

Lee Hendrie

British player and graduated at Aston Villa. It also represented Stoke City, Leicester, Blackpool and many others. He won the Intertoto Cup in 2001 and was the young player of the season (1997/98).

More than ten years of playing and invoicing in the English league were not enough for the player to avoid bankruptcy, in 2012, after accumulating millions of euros in debt Diogo Cardoso Oliveira (