Squad value of Champions League 2019-2020. Source: KPMG

Who are the most valuable teams playing in Champions League 2019-2020? According to firm consulting KPMG, Real Madrid has the most valuable squad, right after Manchester City and Barcelona. These three clubs together with Liverpool had squads that are worth more than one billion euros, and all the odds to win the prestigious Cup are with them.

Let’s check the values of the 32 clubs of 2019-2020 edition. Starting from the top, Real Madrid leads this ranking with Hazard, Benzema and their teammates valued at 1.309 million euros. The Spanish club is in the Group A and will play against the 7th club in this ranking: French PSG is worthed 906 million euros. Brugge and Galatasaray seem to have little chance in this group, as they have a squad value of 95 million and 79 million.

In the second place is Manchester City. The English champions have a squad value of 1,259 million euros, as Pep team is full of stars like Aguero, Sterling or Bernardo Silva. They will face the competition in group C of Atalanta (218 million), Shakthar Donestk (136 million) and Dinamo Zagreb (74 million).

Barcelona is in third. Messi and his teammates are worth 1.217 million euros. In group F, the Spanish champions will play against Borussia Dortmund (731 million), Inter Milan (543 million) and Slavia Praha (41 million).

The other team worth more than 1 billion is Liverpool: the Reds from the City of Beatles are worthed 1.106 million euros. The English team is in group E together with Napoli (583 million), Genk (96 million) and Red Bull Salzburg (85 million).

In group H, Chelsea’s squad is worthed 922 million euros. The Blues are in the 5th place in the ranking. Ajax (453 million), Valencia (417 million) and Lille (190 million) will play against Chelsea in the group stage.

Tottenham appears to lead the group B, as they have the 6th most valuable squad in Champions League. The finalist of last season is worthed 920 million euros. The group B will be played by Bayern Munchen (769 million), Olympiakos (80 million) and Red Star (57 million).

Ronaldo’s Juventus is in group D. Vecchia Signora’s squade is valued at 859 million euros. With a close value is Atletico Madrid. Colchoneros are worthed 826 million euros. The rest of group is formed by Leverkusen (368 million) and Lokomotiv (133 million).

Finally, probably the most balanced group, Leipzig has the most valuable squad in group G: 420 million euros. Olympique Lyonnais’s squad has a value of 377 million euros, while Benfica is worthed 293 million. Zenit could gave a chance as its squade is valued at 208 million euros.