Carlos Tevez was transfered this season to China’s Shanghai Shenhua, for about 9.2 million pounds. After the glory days in Manchester City and Juventus, the Argentine star decided to venture into the Asian “El Dorado”. Okay so far, but how much does each Tevez goal “cost” the Chinese team?

Although many may think that his passage in China would be “easy peasy”, Carlitos Tevez did not have an easy life in his debut year. With the status of one of the highest paid players in the world, one would think that the Argentine international would make a difference in the Chinese Super League.

The Eastern ostentation allows to offer a salary of 33 million pounds per year to the Argentinean.

According to data from the International Labor Organization, a British worker earns an average of £26,400 per year. Tevez only needs three minutes to earn your weekly salary. And more: with your base salary, you should have started working 1420 years ago to achieve today the value of Tevez’s annual salary. You can compare your salary with the highest paid footballers in the world, here.

Extraordinary numbers for a 33-year-old, far from his heyday. Not so extraordinary are his stats. Tevez only scored four goals in 17 games. Considering the quality of his opponents and the “salary fuel” that moves him, much more was demanded of him.

And the football world probably never have seen a mere goal cost so much. If we distribute the goals scored by Tevez for the value of his payroll, we reach an illuminating value. Each goal of the Argentine ace “costs” Shanghai Shenhua about 9.4 million euros.

A disappointing season

In a total of 30 games in the Chinese Super League, Carlos Tevez played just over half (16). A leg injury forced him to lose six of his team’s games. In addition, “El Apache”, as he is known, has strong competition from Demba Ba (former Chelsea) and Obafemi Martins (former Newcastle United and Birmingham City).

Some powerful forwards that are able to make serious damage to their opponents. However, to everyone’s surprise, the Shanghai Shenhua season was far from successful. Wu Jingui’s team finished 11th in the championship in a total of 16 teams. A season far below the expactations of the manager and the fans.

The future of the Argentine is still unknown, but there are rumours of a possible return to his beloved club: Boca Juniors. The president of the South American team has already confirmed that he will travel to China to talk with Tevez about his return to the Argentine capital.