How much prize money will each team get at the end of this Premier League season?

2016-17 will be the first season under new record breaking three year TV deal which made Premier League the most lucrative football domestic league in the world. SkySports and BT Sports share the broadcasting rights of Premier League in the United Kingdom for the next three years with a huge £5.136 billion deal signed last year.

The total money from 3 year deal of both domestic and overseas is divided into three parts, one part for each of the three seasons the deal is active for.

So, the total money from current domestic (£5.136 billion) and oversees (£3.2 billion) three year deal (2016-2019) is around £8.36 billion, the total TV money is then spread equally into three seasons which is around £2.6 billion and that makes the yearly prize money fund for the Premier League teams.

A)  Domestic TV Money (£1.8 billion)

The domestic portion of the money will be divided among 20 clubs according to following model.

  1. 50% divided equally (Thats around £38 million each for all 20 clubs)
  2. 25% Merit based: divided according to final league position in 2016-17 season (Thats around £2 million for 20th place team rising higher by £2m for every position all the way to £24 million for the champiosn)
  3. 25% is divided as facility fee: to all clubs depending on how many times teams match was shown live. (thats around £1 million for every live game or guaranteed £10m if a team only had 10 or less live matches)

B) Oversees TV Money (around £1 billion)

Oversees TV money is divided equally between all 20 clubs and for 2016-17 season all premier league clubs will get around £47 million each from this portion.