We are one week away from the beginning Brasileirão, the biggest football championship in Brazil. The stakes are high and the championship promises to be once again a great showcase for the greatest talents of the brazilian football. There is a lot of quality in the field, but outside of it how much are the players of the different teams worth? Finance Football has compiled a ranking with the 15 most valuable players of the Brasileirão, taking into account the data of the portal Transfermarkt.

At the top of the list is Luan, from Grêmio, Porto Alegre. The Brazilian striker is valued at 12 million euros and has shown his value this season, scoring six goals in 16 games of the Gaucho Championship. At only 24 years old, Luan made his first internationalization for Brazil this season, in a friendly against Colombia.

Rodrigo Caio, from São Paulo, is also one of the names on the podium, valued at nine million euros. The 23-year-old midfielder made all his training in the São Paulo emblem, making his debut in the main squad at the age of 18. International for Brazil on two occasions, Caio proves to be one of the greatest promises of Brazilian football still to play in Brasileirão.

The former central defender of FC Porto, Maicon, appears in the fourth position of the top, being evaluated in eight million euros. Now aligning for São Paulo, Maicon Roque assumes himself as the undisputed starter of Rogério Ceni’s team. The 27 shirt now has three Portuguese championships, two Portuguese Cups, a Europa League and a Portuguese Super Cup in its history.

Brazil is the natural land of great footballing promises, but the truth is that the values of these stars still remain a long way from those who have already “migrated” to Europe. Neymar (€ 100 million), Coutinho (40 million) and Lucas Moura (€ 37 million) are some of the examples of the success of the Canarian school. The figures, in fact, have no comparison. Neymar, by himself, is worth more than the 15 players in the Brazilian ranking (!).