Exactly 76 million euros a year – this is the cost that Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Arsenal have with their coaches. Which are also, according to Finance Football research, the five highest paid coaches of professional football. But to what extent does the investment with maestros like Mourinho, Guardiola and Ancelotti pay off?

Finance Football compared the salaries with the results and concluded that an higher pay doesn’t always entail better results. And in 2016/2017 a specific name stands out: José Mourinho. The Portuguese are the third highest paid coach in the world, with an annual salary of 14.5 million euros per year, but in the middle of the season they can not do better than putting Manchester United in a modest sixth place.

In fact, this year has been so bad that Adidas has already advanced the possibility of canceling its contract with the Red Devils, who are now virtually estranged from the title dispute: with a half championship played, they already accumulate a difference of 13 points to Antonio Conte’s Chelsea.

Mourinho is not the only millionaire not to get first place: it’s just the most blatant case. In fact, in the Top 5 of the highest paid coaches there are two other coaches out of the top position: Guardiola (3rd place, seven points behind the leader) and Arsene Wenger (4th place, 9 points away). Zidane and Ancelotii, respectively in Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, occupy the first position of their respective leagues.