El Clásico is back. Today, Real Madrid and Barcelona will face each other in a game of titans, which promises to monopolize the spotlight of the football world and perhaps reopen the dispute of a championship that, for now, is led comfortably by Ronaldo’s team.

But it is not only in the sports chapter that the encounter is highlighted. On the financial side, at least, the game also gives letters. Finance Football plunged in the data, resorted to market estimates, did the math and came to the conclusion that the initial eleven foreseen for today’s match are valued at no more, no less, than 1097 million.


These are by far the two most expensive football teams in the world. On the side of Real Madrid, Ronaldo is the leading man – with a market value of 110 million euros and 17 goals scored this season (in addition to the 346 he has scored in previous seasons) he represents roughly a fifth of the value of the galactic team.

On Barcelona’s side, the main figure is the argentine Lionel Messi. The Barca striker is worth 120 million euros, an assessment that also reflects the fact that he is two years younger than Ronaldo.

Close to the two stars are Gareth Bale (€ 90m), Suaréz (€ 90m) and Neymar (€ 100m). Barcelona’s trio of attack, known as MSN, and the pair of extremes of the Real, all together, represent more than € 510M. A simple and straightforward comparison: it is more than what the Portuguese state spent in 2016 to roll back the cut in salaries of civil servants.