Unstoppable. Irreplaceable. Out of this world. The Premier League is the dream of any football player. And it is not only for the spectacular and rivalry that the players leave every weekend on the pitch. Also the financial component makes the English league even more attractive than any other league in the world.

The 20 clubs in the current edition will spend more than two billion euros in salaries in the 2016/2017 season. This represents an increase of approximately 10% over the previous season. Who are the kings? First clue: both live in Manchester.

We had already referred to the millionaire wages of football coaches. Especially in England. And especially in Manchester, where Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola are neighbors. Both United and City do not care about paying their technicians well. Also players are paid like kings.

In the case of citizens, the payroll has gained 16% compared to the last season. The pockets of Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan sheikh will shell out about 250 million euros just to pay wages to players this season.

United will pay their athletes a little more than 245 million, a 9% increase over last season. This is mainly due to the signings of Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, two players whose salaries would be at the top of the world.

[chart id=”1411″]

London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal are more stable in terms of player’s wages spending. The blues will spend about 240 million euros; the gunners about 223 million euros.

Where do the clubs get so much revenue to pay these wages? Well, the Premier League is a money-making machine. For example, sponsorships are worth 300 million euros a year. And only the television rights are worth more than two billion euros per season to the clubs.

Wages rise in Leicester

The largest increases in payroll are seen in the second half of the table. In Watford, after the good performance last season, those in charge made themselves available to pay 41% more in wages to 45.5 million euros – in this respect, it should be mentioned that it is more or less this amount that the Portuguese Big-3 clubs usually spend on wages to athletes and coaches.

Salaries to Vardy, Mahrez and Co rise 37% this season. (Source: Leicester City’s Facebook)

Leicester City presents the second largest expansion in salary charges, whose 37% growth to a total of 73 million euros is mainly due to the renovation with the main athletes (Jamie Vardy and Mahrez) and the hiring of other stars (such as Slimani) After a memorable performance last season.

Hull City, which has been prospected for a potential takeover, has the lowest payroll of around 27.7 million euros. The tiggers’ payrolls are about ten times smaller compared to City and United.