Finance Football reveals the salaries of head coaches who will attend the centenary edition of the Copa America. The Brazilian coach Dunga and German Jürgen Klinsmann (United States) lead the table.

After revealing the salaries of head coaches in the European Championship in 2016, Finance Football now publishes the salaries of all coaches that will attend the Copa America Centenario 2016.

With 2.7 million per year, Dunga is the highest paid coach among those who will participate in the final stage of the competition which takes place in the United States in June. Although Brazil national team assumes its favoritism for the title, and in the year of Olympic Games in Rio, Dunga will have to prove that it really deserve all that money.

In the second place comes Jürgen Klinsmann, the German who lead United States national team, earning 2.3 million euros a year.


Ramon Diaz (Paraguay) and Gerardo Martino (Argentina) are on the third place, both of them with an annual salary of 1.8 million euros.

From 5th place until the 9th place, wages are situated in very close levels, between one million and 1.5 million euros per season – this group includes Jose Pekerman (Colombia), Ricardo Gareca (Peru), Oscar Tabarez (Uruguay), Gustavo Quinteros (Ecuador) and Juan Carlos Osorio (Mexico).

With relatively modest salaries, Oscar Ramirez (Costa Rica) takes the last place of the table, earning about 200,000 euros per year – less Dunga’s monthly salary.

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