The Brazilian football championship has arrived. It’s only a week before the start of the 2017 season, a tournament that brings together some of the best south-american stars. Within a few days of the start of the championship, Finance Football looked at statistical data and put together some numbers about the 15 most valuable footballers of the 20 participating clubs in the brazilian championship. The result is the following ranking, built with data from the website Transfermarkt.

Midfielder Thiago Maia, aged 20, leads the table, neck to neck with Roger Guedes (Palmeiras), with a value set at 3 million euros. A positive result of this ranking is the presence of 15 Brazilian players who were trained in the country. Curiously, Leandrinho has dual Portuguese-Brazilian nationality.

The values ​​of these young people are still far below the values ​​of the young people who play in Europe. At the start of this season, Anthony Martial was valued at 47.15 million euros. Donnaruma, for example, is in the 20th place in the ranking and was valued at 13.75 million euros. Gabriel Jesus, who left in January for Manchester City, cost 32 million euros.

Thiago Maia, the leader of the table, is considered one of the players of the game Football Manager 2017 and, this season, has already played three games for the main team in the Copa Libertadores, and even scored a goal. He was Olympic champion in 2016 and did all of his training at Santos.

Roger Guedes, who has also played in three Copa Libertadores games, came to Palmeiras for € 530,000 from Criciúma EC in April 2016. A few days ago he was involved in a mess with experienced player Felipe Melo.

Richarlison, a 19-year-old forward, played a game in the South American Cup and scored one of the goals. In the championship in Rio, he already has eight goals and is just one of Adriano, the best scorer in the competition. However, Richarlison will still play in the final and if he scores two goals he may be the youngest scorer in the competition for the past 31 years.

We also highlight the presente of Dodo and Lincoln, two young players only 18 years old. The Coritiba player and right-back Dodô is being coveted by Corinthians, but still without negotiations. Coached by Santos, midfielder Lincoln became one of the holders of the main team of Grémio until the arrival of coach Renato Gaucho. Who will shine in the 2017 Brazilian Championship?



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